DJ模拟(Vinyl Reality)

DJ模拟(Vinyl Reality) DJ模拟(Vinyl Reality)

Vinyl Reality is the first professional DJ application build from the ground up for virtual reality. Load up your personal music collection and mix your favorite tracks using two accurately recreated vinyl turntables and a fully-featured 2-channel DJ mixer. (是第一个专业的DJ应用程序,加载您的个人音乐收藏,并使用两个准确地重新制作的黑胶转盘和一个全功能的2频道DJ混音器混合您最喜欢的曲目。)


DJ模拟(Vinyl Reality)

Developed in close cooperation with professional DJs, Vinyl Reality offers the most intuitive, robust and realistic DJing experience available for virtual reality.

Vinyl Reality provides users with an easy to use and fully functional DJ setup. Every knob, button and fader, on both the turntables and mixer, has been carefully replicated to look, feel and behave like their real-world counterparts. For users new to DJing, this means the skills they learn can also be applied outside of virtual reality. For more experienced DJs it ensures the application is both straightforward and intuitive.
Key Features

Two accurately modeled turntables based on the iconic SL-1200 series
Fully-featured 2-channel DJ mixer with per channel EQ, PFL and gain
Vinyl records with grooves that correspond to the track’s structure
Record case to browse and load your personal music collection
Support for all common audio file formats: mp3, flac, wav, ogg, aif, wma and m3u playlists
Rekordbox integration to seamlessly import your tracks and playlists from Rekordbox
Unique and hands-free virtual headphones system to monitor cued channels
Basic interactive tutorial and optional BPM (Beats per Minute) displays for beginners
Customization Features

SDK to create custom environments using the Unity Editor
Ergonomic DJ workstation with adjustable height and angle
Built-in and cross-platform Oculus avatar presets
Live Performance and Streaming Features

Separate master audio output and high-quality (32-bit wave) audio recorder
Three different environments to chose from, including a club with music reactive lighting
Four different spectator camera angles with music reactive auto-switch function
Support for LIV mixed reality capture (SteamVR version only)

头戴设备 控制设备 使用姿态
Oculus RiftDJ模拟(Vinyl Reality)HTC ViveDJ模拟(Vinyl Reality)WindowsMRDJ模拟(Vinyl Reality) HTC控制器DJ模拟(Vinyl Reality)OC控制器DJ模拟(Vinyl Reality)WindowsMR控制器DJ模拟(Vinyl Reality) 就坐使用
站立使用DJ模拟(Vinyl Reality)空间要求
最低配置 推荐配置
操作系统 操作系统: Windows 7 - 64 bit 操作系统: Windows 10
处理器 处理器: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater 处理器: Intel Core i7 8700K equivalent or greater
内存 内存: 8 GB RAM 内存: 16 GB RAM
显卡 图形: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD equivalent or greater 图形: NVIDIA GTX 1080TI / AMD equivalent or greater
硬盘 存储空间: 需要 10 GB 以上可用空间 存储空间: 需要 10 GB 以上可用空间